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 Dream Finders RV Personal Testimonials

"Where Honesty & Integrity Still Count" Integrity is Everything!
"We will never forget that we are here because of you. We are here to serve you."


We were very pleased with the service and will recommend Dreamfinders to anybody who wants to sell their RV. We were sent a good buyer!!

Thank you very much,

Jerry Malone


John Joseph,

I just wanted to let you know that last weekend we went and picked up our new coach from Ed and Denise Cosgrove. They invited us to spend Friday night in their guest bedroom. When we arrived at their house, Denise had a homemade chili dinner ready for us! Saturday morning we went out to breakfast and then I drove the coach to a local RV park where they showed us how to set things up. Later that night we all went out to dinner. Sunday morning, they came back again and helped us put things away and get ready for our trip home. We have poured an RV pad at our house and yesterday we installed a sewer hookup and 50 amp electric service to the pad so that the coach is close to home and always ready to go.

Thank you for all of your help and also for Larry's help. Let me know if we can ever do anything for you.

Have a blessed Day!

Pete and Michelle Newman



I wanted to inform you this coach is sold to John Blanton from England. (Unbelievable as that seems.) He still has not seen the coach or taken delivery but has wired me the entire amount that we settled on $92,000.

Please change the status to sold.
Thank you for the great service you provided. I will get your check in the mail tomorrow.

Ron Campbell


Larry - our lawyer talked to us this afternoon and I'm sure it's not anything you didn't already know, but he felt that your contract language was written very well and he couldn't suggest anything that needs to be either deleted or added.  He said it was difference from night to day from our previous contract written by the OTHER company.

Let us know as soon as you hear anything from the buyer and we're ready to sign and proceed.

Barry Lloyd


My wife and I had been actively attempting to sell our Motorhome for the past two years due to various factors and changes in our lives. We posted "FOR SALE" signs in the window. Parked it on busy street corners, Drove it around town displaying the signs. Drove it to "RV" sales jamborees and parked it close by in hopes that we'd be noticed. Posted it on Craigslist RV sales and EBay RV sales web sites with only viewer and watchers responses. Our hopes of ever selling our rig were diminished. That's until one day I was browsing the internet and tripped onto Dream Finders RV web site. I viewed the information, understood the "concept" as listed and read the testimonials, viewed the ad pages and noticed the in-depth and totality of the information listed on each RV's add and made my decision and move on 6 January 2014 to contact Dream Finders with my personal and RV add information giving them the "Green Light" to set-up a "Lease Purchase Agreement" of my 2007 Motorhome. Within a few days my sell add was online to thousands of potential buyers and I was in contact with Capt. Larry Stanley, contract specialist, setting up specifics of the lease deal. My apprehension about Dream Finders never frustrated my belief in their concept of RV lease/sales. It works! Besides, I had nothing to loose in the process. On 22 March 2014 our RV was "Sold" under the contract guidelines of a "Lease Purchase Agreement" with a approved buyer from Dream Finders Data Base. I highly recommend this "Made In America" company for your RV purchase, sell or lease.

Sincerely and Best Regards,
David O. & Kay M. Powell



Like most people, we have been trying to sell our 2008 Itasca Meridian for several years. We contacted Dream Finders and looked at the options and were rather skeptical. After all, several companies had contacted us offering to list our RV for an upfront fee....and we had tried it to no avail. We talked to Larry who was very professional and personable and explained some options to us. He said he thought we could work together and probably have a buyer in a month or so. Imagine our surprise when we actually got a serious buyer in two weeks!!! The contracts were great, the whole experience with them was outstanding! We think our new buyers are going to love the Coach and we would recommend DreamFinders to anyone who is seriously wanting to sell their motorhome.


Rob & Vickie, Tampa, FL


After six months of trying to list my RV on three other "RV for sale" sites, I was contacted by Dream Finders.  The ad they developed was very professional and I had two referrals in a short time.  The second referral purchased our RV and we were very happy with the "pay after sale" deal you get with Dream Finders.


Jim Loulies




I began trying to sell my 2006 Holiday Rambler Endeavor in April of 2013. At that time I listed it with 3 different web sites. I also listed it with Dream Finders. I had several inquiries through the year with no success mainly due to financing problems for a buyer. Dream finders located a lessee/buyer who could meet the financial requirements of Dream Finders and meet my asking price. Larry Stanley worked with the buyers and prepared all the documents to protect both the buyer and sellers, answering any and all questions. I have found the Dream Finders to be most helpful, honest and forthright in all my dealings with them One other thing that sets them apart from websites that advertise your RV is that all fees are due at the time of sale, not up front.

I am willing to accept reference calls from prospective buyers/sellers.

Bill Kaighn



Dear Greg & John,

Thank you both so very much for your wonderful and professional assistance with helping us sell our motor home!  Dealt with a few other people, but, no one compared to your site.  You “showcased” our RV beautifully!  We received more inquiries, through your site, about our motorhome than any other.  Our buyers were wonderful people and great to deal with! In fact, it was a feature of our motor home that you chose to put on the front page that attracted them!  See, it was the '”showcasing”!   Love the way your site is set up and the quality of the site and the pictures are amazing!  Loved that you required no money up front and you respected the honesty of people-hard to find that in people today, especially a business.  Our money spent with you was definitely well spent!  We would, and do, highly recommend your services!  Again-THANK YOU!   https://dreamfindersrv.com/RV/7707400/details.htm

 Van & Diane Melroe



I highly recommend the services of Dream Finders. Whether you are a buyer or seller, they provide and outstanding and professional service.
I am a seller and I tried selling my class A diesel coach with other services for a little over a year with no serious prospects. I contacted Dream Finders and my coach was sold in less than two (2) months. Not only did my coach sell fast but I got the price I asked for. Larry Stanley did a great job of screening the buyer and writing the contract.
I was very nervous about using the lease/purchase method to sell my coach because of it being such a high dollar item. I contacted Larry on several occasions and he always answered my questions and tried to ease my mind. I was nervous up until the time the buyers came to pick up the coach. After meeting and talking to the buyers, I became very comfortable. The buyer let me know that he was nervous about this type of deal also but after talking, we both became very comfortable with each other and about using Dream Finders.
One of the best things about using Dream Finders is that they do not ask for any money up front and their fees are more than reasonable. My wife and I are not only happy about using Dream Finders but we are happy to know that we have made new friends in the buyers.

Don Peyton



"I highly recommend the services of DreamfindersRV.com to find a qualified buyer/lessee for your RV. I received more request for discussion of my Motorhome from DreamfindersRV.com in just a 6 week period than I had recieved in the previous 8 months dealing with other services. Their program for screening potential buyers /lessees is great and their help in dealing with the final contracts is wonderful and provides piece of mind. I found no other services anywhere as helpful."

Thanks for your help.



I want to thank you for your assistance in selling my RV.  What I like about the way you do business, is that you take no money up front, like others do.  I had two instances that I paid up front.  One ended up only showing the ad for about a month and that was it.  The other said it would sell in six months or your money back.  Well, it did not sell, and when I asked for a refund, there were several reasons why I did not qualify.  I appreciated that you gave me interested buyers, and Larry checked them out and told me if they were qualified buyers or not.  The RV has sold and I very much appreciate all you have done.




John Hiebel and Larry Stanley (Dream Finders) have provided my wife and I with one of the best services in the RV market. Their services are worth every penny (and more), than they charge.

Over the last 3 years we had problems selling our Coach in the down market. I was originally skeptical of their offer, it does seem to be too good to be true. I have since discovered that they make a profit because they have invented a better mousetrap.

I was initially skeptical, as you should be. Ask questions. Secure references. Play “what if….”. If you do not get answers that satisfy you, ask them “WHY…”? Their differentiators are to focus on a well written contract to use in the sales process, evaluating the buyer and supporting the meeting of the minds. Always remember that the contract must be good for both Buyer and Seller for it to have sustained support from both. What made the difference for me was the background check that Capt. Larry had made and the personal meeting I had with the buyer before the sale. I also considered a lien, but dismissed it after considering the position of the Buyer. I think you would find it difficult to require a lien and then to enforce it.

From my non-legal perspective, John and Larry have written a contract that effectively covers the Seller and provides buying incentives to the average Buyer. I don’t think that you can construct a CYA contract for the Seller that will be acceptable to most buyers.

Dream Finders provides an outstanding service. Their advice and service worked for us and we are comfortable with the buyer they found. We are happy with their solution to our problem.

We hope you are too.

Contact me if you have any additional questions.



We're impressed.
You do things with excellence.
You don't find this very much in today's world, even among most Believers.
It was truly the leading of the Lord that caused you to send us the advertisement.
Thank you so much for all your efforts on our behalf.
You are a blessing.
We are praying for you and all your endeavors, that God would cause you to find favor and bless you.

Merry and Lance.”






“Dear John,

Michael and I wanted to share in the good news, as of this month, the motor home you helped us find. is now paid in full.

It was hard work, and some scary parts, in making all the payments, we said we would, to you and to Trent and his family, but we did it.

Michael and I would once again, like to thank you for all that you have done for us,

We hope that you and yours are blessed, for the blessing you have helped us make true

again thank you so very much

God Bless



A very happy buyer”




“John and Larry, I want to thank you for your assistance in selling my RV. What I like about the way you do business, is that you take no money up front, like others do. I had two instances that I paid up front. One ended up only showing the ad for about a month and that was it. The other said it would sell in six months or your money back. Well, it did not sell, and when I asked for a refund, there were several reasons why I did not qualify. I appreciated that you gave me interested buyers, and Larry checked them out and told me if they were qualified buyers or not. The RV has sold and I very much appreciate all you have done. Thanks, Bob”




Please feel free to use us as a reference and add the following to your testimonials:

We were severely upside down on our Class A motorhome. It was sitting in storage costing us $1500 per month! I had used another company prior to Dream Finders and it was a complete disaster so I was extremely sceptical. Once I spoke with John and Larry and found out how the process works and how they protect the seller/lessor with the background checks and the contract itself, I felt I had found the right place. Although it took some time, it was well worth the wait as John found us the perfect buyer for our coach. Larry went out of his way to take care of all the details on a Saturday and the happy new owners drove away the same day! A HUGE burden has been lifted and we can now breathe a lot easier! Thanks again John & Larry!

The Johnsons




Yes - everything went well. In fact Jamison Kovenenko seems to be a special person.

He phoned this AM from Albuquerque saying the rig is working nicely.

We prayed with him about including a personal relationship with the Lord in his business calling. He had a J.W. background; but he has pulled away from it. We are part of a dynamic prayer group at our church "called "Tuesdays at the Temple."

Everyone prayed for the Kovenenko's; and I feel Jamison was meant to meet us and visa versa.

I comment that the contract designed by Larry is excellent.

Three checks are in the mail.

May you continue to have good success in out work.

Proverbs 22:1

Cameron W. Wilson




Hi John,

Yes, we would be happy to provide you with a testimonial:

We had a 2007 Monaco motorhome that we wished to sell. John Hiebel listed our coach and within days provided us with a prospective buyer. Together, we decided to go with a lease/purchase option. A contract was drafted that was agreeable to both parties and the exchange was made. The service was prompt, thorough and completely professional. It was a good decision to go with Dream Finders RV.

We will refer folks wishing to sell their coach to you.


Denise Cosgrove




Hi, John! Thanks for all your help in selling our RV, we'd be happy to write a little testimonial for you. Her goes. We were extremely pleased with Dream Finders in finding a buyer for our motorhome! The entire experience was very pleasant and we were impressed with their professionalism in screening viable buyers and providing all of the necessary contractual and legal aspects to protect our investment. We turned to Dream Finders after numerous, unsuccessful attempts with other services. Then within days, we started receiving potential buyers for our consideration. Mr. Hiebel and his staff were always extremely helpful and made the process less stressful and hassle-free. Thank you Dream Finders! Rich and Jane Mason Hope this helps with your marketing. We would be happy to provide referrals, they can call us at our home number 386-492-5050. Take care, Jane and Rich Mason





Thank you for the great service Dream Finders has provided us. The

transaction went well and without any problems. My wife will be depositing

the finder's fee today at Wells Fargo here in Columbia.

Thank you for your service in the USMC as well!


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